Christian living musings and there’s a banana shortage, y’all.

H’ok so there’s a banana crisis at Fort Story. There haven’t been bananas at the DFAC all weekend, so I bought my own at the Commissary. But I’m about to run out, because I didn’t want to keep like 15 bananas in my room. I go through a lot of bananas. We went to a little NEX store on the way to the Coffee House Fellowship, and there was only 1 banana left. And their next shipment isn’t until Tuesday. We might have to make an emergency banana run tomorrow!

The shakedown was FINE. Absolutely fine. I know it’s early days, but the platoon sergeants seem great. Sure, they’re correcting us when we make a mistake, but it’s not that bad – yet. I bet they won’t be as nice if we continue to make the same mistakes. Tomorrow is our first full day with them, so that’ll give me a better idea. We got issued a pretend rifle, a PT belt, and some first aid stuff (tourniquet and cloth wrap). We keep the rifle locked in our wall locker.


We were finished with everything around 1500, so I chilled in my room and the day room until chow. I read a bit of Falling by Jane Green. Good, not great, is my standpoint so far. I’m about halfway through the book. I’ve The Alice Network on hold from Akron’s digital library, and I can’t wait for it to come in!

Here’s some of us on our way to chow!

After dinner, we went to the Coffee House Fellowship that’s put on by the Protestant Church. They provided pizza, pop, water, cookies, fritos, coffee, tea… quite the spread! It was only the five of us and two Marine females, so there was a lot of pizza left over. We took it back with us!


The original Coffee House gang – Miles, Hettema, Sondelski, Rhody, and me



They also had free books – yay! When I was in New York with the choir, I saw The Power of a Praying Wife/Husband books, by Stormie Omartian, at a newsstand. I texted a picture of them to Will, saying that we should do these books together. I took the wife one home with me tonight, and we’re going to get started as soon as Will gets his husband copy. I’m excited. I don’t feel like prayer is a skill of mine, so I’m eager to spend more time in prayer and seeing how that affects my relationship with God, with Will, and with others. And I’ve heard SUCH great things about My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers.

There were chord sheets for (somewhat) contemporary music, so Sondelski and I ran through “Shout to the Lord” and “Here I am to Worship” on the piano and guitar. We’re going to talk more with the pastor about playing for the morning church service. I do miss using my musical gifts to glorify God. I’m a bit jaded – a church in Lakewood hires me to sub sometimes, and they pay pretttttty well. I also played for a church in Louisville that paid well also, so it’s hard for me to play for free. Isn’t that stupid and selfish? I’m a professional musician who usually gets paid for my time for rehearsals and practicing, so I don’t like to do it for free… but I know I’m just trying to justify it. It’ll be cool to do it during AIT, though!

This group is mostly for fellowship and getting to know people, but Jesus definitely came up many times. The pastor was talking about “incarnational evangelism.” You reach people and change their hearts and lead them to Christ by modeling your behavior after Jesus. Too easy, right? Except not. 🙂 I’ve got to be so intentional with how I act and talk to people. It always needs to be on my mind and on my heart and in my actions. I noticed a huge difference after Basic, and then it faded when I got caught up in my silly little piddly life dramas. But I’m feeling it again!

What is it about being in Basic or AIT or whatever that draws me (and I’ve seen it work in other people, too) to the church and to God? So many of the Basic Battles started going to church and accepted Christ at Basic. The only book we could have at Basic is the Bible. I spent so much time reading my Bible. I read through the New Testament and Psalms and Proverbs. Since then, I’ve drifted away a bit, because we did have lots of extra time during Basic to read. However, since I’ve started the Bible app plans on my phone, it’s been a whole other story. It’s so simple to follow the plans – you can even set a reminder through the app. I’m doing the 365 day Bible Reading Plan, and I love that it reads to me. I absorb information better when I listen AND read it. Otherwise I skim the words or tune out the voice, lol!

Right now, it’s 2042 (8:42 pm), and we’re chilling in our PTs in the day room and watching Pitch Perfect. I’m waking up at 0345 so I can get in the bathroom before my roomie, and we form up outside at 0500. We weigh in first thing! I hope everyone had a great weekend and you’ll all ready to take on the week!

Questions for you:

Since we’re going to start playing and singing in church, what are your favorite contemporary Christian songs?
– I love “Never Been a Moment” by Micah Tyler and “Even So Come” by Passion

Has anyone read My Utmost for His Highest? What did you think?

2 Replies to “Christian living musings and there’s a banana shortage, y’all.”

  1. Great to hear you are enjoying your experience battle. Can’t wait to ship out and see how AIT will be for me.


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