Day One – long day!

WOW what a long day! We got so much information today, thank goodness! It’ll be awesome to have a routine and just to know what’s expected of us. We met all the cadre today, from the instrument professors to the course manager to the supply staff and the library staff.

Our daily schedule goes like this (with some variation):
0500 – PT
0615-0730 Shower/Personal Hygiene/Chow
0730-1120 Two two-hour blocks of band rehearsals (MPT, Ceremonial Band, or
Concert Band)
1130-1220 Chow
1220-1620 Two two-hour blocks of a band rehearsal and IP (Individual
Practice)/private lesson
1620 – Final formation, cleaning duties

And here’s the schedule for the entire cycle!
Week 1 – introductions, in-processing
Week 2 – APFT (fitness test), AMPA (playing test), 6 mile march
Week 3 – resiliency training and financial planning
Week 4 – MPT Performance
Week 5 – APFT, Staff Recital, combatives
Week 6 – nothing important! Well, it’s just a normal week.
Week 7 – AMPA, Command Inspection
Week 8 – Concert Band Performance, MPT Assessment
Week 9 – APFT, obstacle course, Ceremonial Band Assessment
Week 10 – out-processing and GRADUATION!

We graduate on Thursday, August 17, 2017. Woot woot!

Our day started off with a weigh in at 0450 and I didn’t quite make it… I was 4 pounds under, so the platoon sergeant just said to keep an eye on my weight. Thank goodness I’m not in trouble! I know I need to gain, so we’ll see how this summer goes. Will and I want babies sometime soon :):)

We received briefs pretty much all day after that! We brainstormed in small groups and then as the full group about what role the Army musicians play in the Army. How do we affect the public’s perception of the Army? We discussed both the positive and negative ways the public perceives Army musicians and bands. Sometimes they look down on us, because we’re “just in the band.” And other times, we’re celebrated for the rich tradition and history behind the performances. It was a great discussion. We also spent a good amount of time this afternoon with our instrumental professors. The horn professor is Sgt Andrew Moon, and I think I’m going to enjoy learning from him. All of the instructors seem amazing – like they’re going to push us, but they have our best interests in mind. They’re here to help us succeed. It’s going to be awesome!

Sgt Moon gave us a warmup packet, and I spent my practice time working out of that this evening. Welcome back to my practice life, metronome! It’s been a while since I had a warmup routine, so this was really helpful. We got issued our new horns today, so I need to spend some time getting used to it. I like it, though!


He also gave us great resources on how to practice effectively. This is an example of a practicing schedule, an hour a day, three times a day. It’s perfect for the weekend. Practice after breakfast chow, after lunch chow, and after dinner chow. DONE! We have to practice 2 hours a day, or 14 hours a week. But there is some IP built into the daily schedule, yay! It’ll be a lot of playing this summer, that’s for sure. Music FTW!


My first lesson with Sgt Moon is on Wednesday, but he has an open lesson policy. If I want an extra lesson, I just sign up for an extra slot! I’m taking advantage of that this week, so I have another lesson on Friday. Why not?! I want to soak in all the information I can while I’m here!

It’s 2118 (9:18) and I’m tired. Oh yeah – I ran 3.5 miles at the gym after practicing tonight. One mile at 8:00, one mile at 7:30, one mile at 7:00, 0.5 mile at 8:00. Tomorrow’s post will be all about the awesome (nottttttt) Battle Buddy system that’s like playing Tetris or putting a puzzle together to try to fit in everything that your Battles need to do. So challenging!

Verse of the Day:
1 John 4:20 – If we can’t love people we can see, how can we love God, whom we cannot?

Yeah. that’s good. Well, good thing I’m stuck in a platoon all summer with 40 people all day, every day, to whom I can practice showing God’s unconditional love? Game on.

2 Replies to “Day One – long day!”

  1. It’s amazing to see how much AIT has changed since I went 11 years ago! 4 weeks of just solid IP, with maybe about 2 lessons. I think we practiced parade sequences twice…… Oh and did combative once, which was super fun!

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