Battles, Yamaha Horn, and the mailing address!

First things first – I bet you want to know the mailing address so you can send mail! Personally, I’d like to receive Quest bars, PlantFlusion protein powder, chocolate, and a steady stream of bananas, so just keep that in mind. Oh and how about caramel M&Ms PLEASE?!? They don’t sell them on base. Right!?!


And just LOOK at how beautiful this is!


Too bad I went to the Commissary last night and bought 12 bananas. Backup bananas, I guess. Can’t have too many?

BUT has anyone tried a papaya? The DFAC doesn’t always have bananas, but they do have exotic fruit lol.


Horn players!


We were issued school of music horns on Monday, and the brass is mostly Yamaha. I haven’t played on a Yamaha since middle school, and I didn’t have great expectations. It’s the newer model of the 668, and apparently it’s pretty close to a Conn 8D, which I play on. I’m giving it a chance, and I don’t really mind it so far. I sounded like a middle schooler when I was practicing on my Conn over the weekend, so naturally, I’m playing way better now. I’m going to take my Conn over tomorrow to practice on it a bit and compare. I’m curious to hear how I sound on my own horn! I don’t have to decide right away, and I’m taking both horns to my lesson on Friday.


Which brings me to my lesson that I had today! I’ve been concerned with how I’m playing, because I have teacher chops. I haven’t played regularly since I graduated from college in 2008. Add that to the fact that I teach choir now and not any band at all, so it’s even worse! But man oh man, the power of consistent practice! I’ve gotten at least 2 hours of practicing in every day since Saturday, and it’s insane how much better I am. We know these things, right, but why is it so hard to commit!? #lazy Anyway, Sgt Moon said that I sound fine! That at least gets my confidence up – we’ll see what score I get on my AMPA on Wednesday! I played through my audition music – The Army Song (duh!), Star-Spangled Banner, General’s March, and Mozart Horn Concerto No 3, the 4th movement from Lincolnshire Posy, and Washington Post March. There’s still work to be done, obviously, and I have some awesome resources to use. There are really great low horn exercises in some of those books we got yesterday, so I’ll dig into those the rest of this week and the weekend. We’ve got nothing but time… ha I wish!

So. Battle buddy discussion. We can’t go anywhere unless we’re with a battle buddy. Two of the same gender or in mixed groups, male male female or female female male. It seems easy enough, right? Except when everyone needs to do something different all in one night and we’re trying to juggle everyone’s wishes. For instance, let’s take Monday night. Rhody wanted to go to the library and then go practice, I wanted to practice and then go to the gym, some males wanted to go to the gym and then practice, other males wanted to practice and then go back to the barracks… it doesn’t really sound that hard in theory, but everyone wants to spend different amounts of time at each of these places and proper battle buddy teams can be hard to find. We were able to do make it work, but not without some sacrifices for each of us. And 3.5 hours of personal time sounds like enough time to fit it all in, but the commissary is a 20 minute walk and the gym is a 10 minute walk and the schoolhouse is a 5 minutes walk. That all adds up, especially when you have to change uniforms. You can’t practice in PTs, you can’t go to the Commissary or anywhere else in PTs, and obviously you wear PTs to the gym. But if you try to practice and go to the gym, you’ve got to run back to the barrack (opposite direction) to change, or you bring it with you and haul it there. There’s some math involved in this, people. But we’re always accounted for!

We’ve been doing PRT in the morning this week – Army PRT drills are so cute. We all do them together and count out loud. It’s just been instructional PRT so far, nothing hard, so that’s why I’m still trying to fit in the gym and running. If it gets harder, that might need to change 🙂 Tomorrow we’re meeting at the track, so I hope that means running!


This was on the bassoon professor’s dry erase board.


Oh, and on Tuesday evenings, we have Field Night, where we alternate between deep cleaning the barracks and the SOM. That’s from 1730-1830, but we can finish sooner if we hurry! I think we’ll find out soon what other duties we can be assigned. Today, I had to be down to set up for PRT at 0430, so that’s one reason why I’m going to read and go to bed now 🙂 Thanks for checking in!

Verse of the Day:
Matthew 5:14
– “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.”

Be the light! Be the good! Be the change! Be the example. I can spread the gospel by modeling my behavior after Christ. What can that look like? It can look like waiting for my battle buddy when her lesson ran over instead of going straight to chow because I was hungry. I’m sorry, Sondelski! ❤

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