Let’s go to the beach, beach, let’s all get away…And church and FREE movie, y’all.

Beach pictures!!


Sondelski wanted to go to the beach last night, and it was an awesome idea. We had so much fun!

And then we BARELY made it back before curfew, 2100. We definitely had to run and range walk lol. But it was totally worth the sand and sweat! 

Rhody is the best best best and cut out the old shower curtain rings so we can hang our new (clean) curtain and liner! So cute. Thanks, girl!


I just found out that we can run around our barracks by ourselves! We don’t need a battle buddy! So I set out at an easy pace, 8:30 a mile, but I got bored super quickly. One lap around isn’t even 0.2 miles. So I ran one direction for a mile, ran the other direction for a mile, and then just finished out 20 minutes before I died of boredom. 2.35 miles. And then I ate two oranges, and two bananas and some dates with lots of peanut butter. Delicious. 


We are fitting a LOT into our days! Today was chow, then practice, then church, then chow, then practice, then FREE Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (good movie!!), then practice, then chow.


I’m exhausted and coming down with a cold, I think, so I decided not to go to the Coffee House Fellowship tonight. I finished some stuff around my room, and I plan to read and go to bed early because…

We have our first APFT tomorrow! I’m in a new age bracket, whoo hoo! So now I only need 45 push-ups, 76 sit-ups, and a two mile run in 15:54. I should max out 🙂 And I’m still going to try for a 13 minute two-miler!! I’ll let you know how it goes down tomorrow. 

Church was awesome today. I guess the sermon series on the Fruit of the Spirit wasn’t over after all – today’s sermon was on kindness. I love that the pastor (who’s the base chaplain, too) references so much Scripture and pulls so much out of the text. The Bible reading today was Psalm 136 and the main takeaway from that Psalm? “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His love endures forever.” In the midst of everything, I can always rely on God’s love. God’s perfect love and kindness should be reflected in me; my actions should be an expression of God’s love. A true Christian has the Selfless Service Army value and is warm-hearted, gentle, sympathetic to those around them. I can be so selfish, and especially now with my eating disorder. It makes me only think of myself, my food needs, my workout needs, and I shut down others’ needs. I put myself first. It’s bizarre though – I feel like I am kinder and more selfless to strangers than my close friends and family. I’ve got to work on that! The goal of God’s kindness is to lead us to repentance, and then we can go out and make disciples. People should be asking me why I’m so joyful, hopeful, gentle, respectful, and like the pastor quoted from 1 Peter 3:15, I can tell them that while I was an enemy of Jesus Christ, He saved me and I’m alive through Him. Hebrews 4:14 says that if we receive mercy and grace from Christ, how can we NOT show that and extend that to others? #goals

By the way – how cute is this Army PRT app? All of the exercises are on there, with videos or pictures that walk you through them. Anyone can download it. We did Conditioning Drill 3 yesterday. We’ve worked through all of the drills this week except for Climbing Drill 2 and the Strength Training Circuit. Check out the Soldier Carry in the Guerrilla Drill – we carry each other!


All right – time to switch out my laundry, do some yoga with Rhody, and RELAX! We need to be at the track 0445 tomorrow, which means we leave the barracks at 0430. Woot. Woot. And long day of playing tomorrow too! We have Ceremonical Band at 0730, Concert Band at 9:30, chow at 11:30, IP (Independent Practice) at 1220, lesson with Sgt Moon at 1320, and then our first MPT rehearsal at 1420. Whoo! Maybe I’ll have time tomorrow to write about getting back into playing after teaching for nine years and teaching choir exclusively for a year! I barely play my horn. It’s been rough getting back into playing shape. But thank goodness for Kessler from my unit giving me a pep talk! 🙂

Verse of the Day:
Romans 2:4
– Or do you show contempt for the riches of his kindness, forbearance and patience, not realizing that God’s kindness intended to lead you to repentance?

God forgives me. All day, every day. I need to let all anger, bitterness, malice, and selfishness be put away. I will be kind and forgiving as God in Christ forgave me!

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