New room and roomie Saturday!!

Rhody is my roommate! Woot woot! She’s in my MPT, one of the woodwind sextets. Our ensemble is one horn, three clarinets, and two saxophones. We have lots of instrumentation options. Plus, I play the piano and kind of sing… I can’t wait to start playing together next week!

Ok but first. I woke up super early for a weekend, 0530, so I had time to edit and add more a bit more to last night’s post 🙂 I also finished taping the excess straps on my ruck while watching the second episode of House of Cards. I haven’t heard much about this season, but one of my FB friends said he was disappointed. Don’t give anything away, but if you watched it, do you agree? OH and if you need a new series,  I introduced Will to The B in Apartment 23 on Netflix and he LOVES it. James Van Der Beek from Dawson’s Creek plays the B’s best friend – and he plays himself. It’s. So. Good. Watch it!


We had formation at 0900 today so we could move into our new rooms, get a briefing about the room standard, and go to Shields Hall to get new keys. Before Rhody and I could set our rooms up to standard, we desperately needed to clean the bathroom. See? Gross. 


Thank GOODNESSS Rhody is also into essential oils. We detoxed our room pretty heavily with the diffuser today. 


After we got our new room keys, we practiced for an hour before chow. We were planning on going to the Commissary and the big NEX (it’s like a Dillard’s), but it stormed here and the power went out over there! We went to the library for a few books instead. I love it!


We went back to the room to unpack – here’s our room now! We’re buying a cute bathroom mat, hand towels, and a shower curtain to make it homey, since we’ll be here for another 9 weeks! I got shafted with a super small wall locker… oh well.




We relaxed a bit, and then we went back to the SOM to practice again. We all went to chow, then commissary and Dillard’s!  And LOOK! I talked to the Commissary store manager about ordering caramel M&Ms, and she called me last night…



Tons of walking today – 24,500 steps! We finally got back to the barracks, changed quickly, and then… We went to the beach! 


More pictures of the beach tomorrow. This post is going to be long enough!

Will and my brother, Rob, went to the Summer Beer Fest in Cleveland today. I love that they’re becoming friends! Bonding over alcohol; it doesn’t get better than that!


I bought the boys (including my dad lol) Cleveland Beer Fest tickets for Christmas this year, so we all went in January. My mom and I were the designated drivers, because WOW there are a ton of samples! We did try some mead, which is wine that’s made from honey, from Crafted, an awesome meadery in Mogadore. We had the chocolate and the Oh Snap! gingerbread mead in January, and they were delicious. My parents, Will, and I went to their tasting room before I left for AIT. They have some great flavors now! My mom is a fan of the coffee and I liked the banana bread! There were also some meads that had hops in them, so Will and my dad weren’t toooooo left out 🙂

And OH, our air conditioning unit isn’t working. It’s 78 in our room right now and our platoon sergeants are living their lives, obviously, so we have to wait until Monday. Hopefully it won’t be too bad tonight when we sleep! Good night!

Verse of the day: 
Isaiah 26:9
– My soul longs for you in the night; in the morning my spirit longs for you. When your judgments come upon the earth, the people of the world learn righteousness.

If I am desiring and longing for God, I should be seeking him always. In my troubles and in my triumphs, I get my strength from Him!

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