TRX!!! And ruck march, church, and Monday recap

Happy Monday! It was a pretty good Monday! It’s hard to beat PRT hill repeats 🙂 I don’t know; I’m cool with it! But let me start with Saturday’s 0430 6 mile ruck march. We had to form up with our rucks all packed at 0420. I weighed myself at each stage in my getting-ready process: my uniform and boots added 8 pounds. My ruck added 30 pounds. I definitely made weight Saturday morning – HA!

This is what a 0430 formation looks like:


We did the Preparatory Drills and Hip Stability Drills (on the pavement, in the parking lot…), then set out for the half-mile loop. We started right outside our barracks and looped around the golf course. It was nice and flat! I decided to walk one lap, run one lap, walk one, run one lap. Walk one lap, run two laps, walk one laps, run two laps. Then I finished with a walk, run, walk, and RUN for the last lap! Gotta bring it home, baby!

I finished in 1:15 and I was the third soldier in, first female. And then my cold shower felt AMAZING! I did stay out for a bit to cheer on some Battles though!



And then I ate tons of fruit and peanut butter and a chocolate protein/banana pudding in the room. And then we went to breakfast chow 🙂 The rest of the day was pretty chill. We practiced, went to the Commissary for bananas (of course) and the big NEX for Sondelski and Doyle to try on new boots before they ordered them. Well, they didn’t have any success of the boot front. But I did have success on the banana front! I won’t run into another banana shortage, that’s for darn sure.

We went to lunch chow, then headed back to the schoolhouse to practice. After we got home at 3, I didn’t do ANYTHING. I mean, I read my Bible and did laundry, but you better believe that I rented a movie and relaxed all night. I rented Allied from YouTube, and it was really good! It’s about a male and female spy in WWII, and how they end up falling in love 🙂 and then the war gets even more real. I recommend it!

Sunday was an early day, because some of my Battles had to attend a meeting for duty that day. I hitched a ride to the schoolhouse and to chow with Sondelski and Willette so I knew I’d get out of the barracks for sure. We practiced a bit, and then Barr, Hettema, and I went to church. The sermon was a continuation of the Fruit of the Spirit, and it was about kindness. I love how Pastor Peterson preaches straight from Scripture.

Of course, our lives revolve around two things: practicing and chow. So we went to lunch chow, and then went back to the schoolhouse! After we practiced, I was able to get about an hour nap in before dinner chow. Then we went to the Coffee House Fellowship and look how many people went last night! So awesome!


Carmen, Mejias, and I threw the football around a bit before curfew last night:


We noticed a HUGE bird carrying a HUGE stick into this nest at the top of the lightpost. There was a sign on the lightpost that said it was a protected wildlife area, so we asked the people at Coffee House Fellowship about it. Apparently it’s an osprey nest! Pretty sweet! Do you see it way up there?


Like I mentioned at the beginning of the post, today’s PRT was a run day! We warmed up, and did 5-6 hill repeats. We ran to the hill and back to the barracks, so we ran 2.2 miles total. Willette and I have totally figured out this morning routine – it only took us two weeks! She and I will go to chow while Rhody and Sondelski get ready. Then we switch! I was able to get to the schoolhouse by 7:05 today, so I got about 15 minutes of warming up in before we had our first training block! YES! We think we can hustle even more tomorrow 🙂 SO PUMPED.

We had resiliency training all morning. It was actually really great. We learned strategies to set attainable goals, overcome setbacks, how to praise someone effectively, how to reframe negative thinking, and how to avoid falling into thinking traps. We also had a nutrition and fitness training. Other than sitting for a prolonged period of time, it was a really good morning! Lots of good information. We have to turn in a goal worksheet by Friday, and my goal is to get a 30 on my AMPA. There’s steps to take and plans to make, and you better believe I’ll get there!

After lunch chow, we had IP, and I had a lesson during the second hour of that block. I’ve been working really hard on my low horn playing. I’ve been slurring down into it, walking down by steps and by skips, attacking the low notes once I get the embouchure set, and I’ve had some success. In fact, I got so excited when I played my Rochut etude down that I went “woot!” so loudly that Sondelski heard me from her practice room. However, I didn’t play that well in my lesson. I was so excited to show SGT Moon my progress, and… 😦 On the plus side, I wanted to work work work on that stuff in my lesson, and even though it was ridiculously frustrating, I had a breakthrough! I’ve still got work to do – I practiced after chow and I’m still struggling. But I know that I’ll just keep driving on, and I’ll get it soon!

Now for the main picture – Will ordered me a TRX suspension training system, and it came in today! It is SO hard to fit in practicing and the gym, because you have to change outfits in between, so now I don’t have to worry about it during the week! I can get my strength training in at the barracks. And funny story – we have a PRT class on the TRX system on Thursday morning!


0345 comes nice and early, so I’ll let you go for tonight. Thanks for stopping by!

Verse of the Day:
1 John 2:2
– He is the atoning sacrifice for our joy, and not only for ours but also for the joy of the whole world.

God’s love and mercy is for me, but it’s also for the whole world. Since I am following in Christ’s ways, I need to show love and mercy for the whole world also. Loving my enemies, wanting the best for them, knowing that when I sin, God forgives me. AND!! Shout God’s praise in every way! Lift Him up by lifting others up, by spreading God’s joy everywhere I go!

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