Happy Fourth of July weekend!

I love this picture – Facebook pulled it up from 7 years ago. SEVEN years! That seems like forever ago. I really miss everyone. We always have the best time at holiday weekends. Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day festivities are the best. We hang out at my parents’ pool, and we call it Kibler Family Fun Day. It’s usually Aunt Kris, Uncle Don, my cousin Abby and her husband, Seth, my cousin Tom, Will, my parents and my brother, and sometimes Grandpa (like this weekend!). My parents and Grandpa went to Blossom for the Cleveland Orchestra concert, and my parents both got some awesome fireworks photos to share with me. There won’t be any fireworks on base this year, so I’m glad they sent me this one!


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a blood test on Friday, because the nutritionist isn’t authorized to call one up. However, I have an doctor’s appointment on Wednesday, and we should be able to take care of it then. I’m curious about some of my markers, and it’ll be nice to have some clarity. If I’m low in anything or if my thyroid is out of whack, I’ll have some information about what my next steps should be. While we were at Fort Story, we stopped in a Clothing Supplies store for some Battles to get new boots, berets, etc. Cummings forgot his wallet, but I “had his back, Battle Buddy!” and paid for a new rank and a Red Bull. He repaid me later with this 🙂


We had our first MPT assessment on Friday, and everyone played SO well! It was awesome to see what each group has been working on for the last two weeks. I was really happy with our group – our name is Twelve Hands or No Hands! When we get down on the ground or when we’re getting up from the ground during PRT, we have to get up using “two hands or no hands.” There are six of us, so we have twelve hands. Get it?! Friday night was pretty chill, because we had financial training ALL day Saturday, 0900-1430. But Sondelski and I were high-speed – we ate breakfast in the barracks Saturday morning and got to the schoolhouse at 0800 to practice. Woot!


Since we didn’t have to practice super long after the long day at school, we were able to stop by the shoppette for a new PC for Sondelski and toothpaste and protein powder for me. The shoppette is attached to a furniture store, random. I think I’ll buy this on the way out of here in August.


Then we stopped by the barracks really quickly to grab M&Ms (and make a mug cake) before we went to the library! There’s a back room that has TVs, video games, pool tables, air hockey, and chairs just to sit and read. So we ate our M&Ms and read. It was glorious. We had an accountability formation at 2045, and there was a beautiful sunset.


I went on an easy 30 minute run this morning, and I mixed it up a bit. I ran around the barracks in… a FIGURE EIGHT! I know; crazy, right?!


And then today, we practiced, went to church, went to chow, practiced some more, and now I’m relaxing in my room before a group of us heads to Wonder Woman! YAY! Then Coffee House Fellowship, and then maybe the beach. We’re having a cookout tomorrow, so that’ll be fun!

Tomorrow I’ll dig into the sermon from church, some podcast stuff I’ve been listening to, and a practicing update, but now it’s time for me to eat before the movie! 2300 calories of fruits, veggies, peanut butter, nuts, potatoes, etc, is HARD to shove down. Sondelski tried to eat like me for lunch and she’s like, it’s so much food! But that’ll be another story for tomorrow’s post 🙂

I hope you’re having a blast this weekend celebrating with family and friends!

Verse of the Day:
1 John 2:15
– Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them. For everything in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life – comes not from the Father but from the world.

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