A tour inside the School of Music!

Well, this I where I spend the majority of my time! The School of Music. The Navy and Marine musicians go to their AIT here, too. We’re not allowed to talk to them or hang out with them, but we always say the greeting of the day when we pass them. They’re all really nice! They use different practice rooms, ensemble rooms, etc, and their schedule is different than ours. It’s pretty cool to see other branches around all the time, though!

BUT it was tough to learn the other branches’ ranks, especially the senior enlisted. The Marines wear their rank on their collar, and it blends in so nicely with their uniform pattern. And they’re more specific with how they greet their sergeants – in the Army, we can get away with saying, “Good morning, Sergeant,” for an E5-E7, but you have to say, “Good morning, “Staff Sergeant/ Gunnery Sergeant / Master Gunnery Sergeant” for the Marines. The worst day was when both the Navy and Marines had a ceremony over in the Annex, and they were walking to the Annex as we were walking back to the schoolhouse. There were officers and senior enlisted all over the place, and we hadn’t seen their dress uniforms yet. That kept us on our toes, trying to figure out who to salute as we carried our instruments and music in our hands!

Here’s the history of the bands and music in the military – this is on the third floor.





This is where I spend at least two hours a day:


Practice Room 93 is my favorite. I don’t really know why, but it always makes me happy when I go in and I see that nothing has been moved since I practiced in there last time. These practice rooms are made by Wenger, and you can choose how you’d like the room to sound – you could play in a practice room (duh!), a small or large recital hall, a small or large concert hall, an opera stage, and Carnegie Hall. It’s fun to mess around with, but I usually don’t turn the system on unless I want to record myself. Now THAT is awesome. You can record and listen back to yourself. It’s always a good/bad experience haha.

Willette, Heggs, and I walked to the Commissary and big NEX for some random items, and we came across a cannon firing situation. Appropriately timed 🙂



Check out this display of Godiva AMAZINGNESS:


And I’ve never seen these before – a taste of Hawaii?!


Rhody and I have watch duty in the barracks from 0345-0600. Since PRT is at 0500, we obviously aren’t going to that. We’ll already be in our Duty uniform (OCPs) for watch. I guess we’ll have extra breakfast and practicing time tomorrow morning! But since we have to be ready to go for the Duty day at 0345, that means I’m waking up at 0245 to get ready 😦 It’ll be a long day. Also, our toilet isn’t working. Willette and Sondelski have been gracious enough to let us use their latrine. And also also, my room key stopped working this afternoon, so it’s back to Shields Hall after chow to reprogram it. It’s never dull!

But tomorrow is Doctor Appointment and Bloodwork (fingers crossed) Day! Rhody and I will leave for our appointment and then eat chow before we rejoin our Battles. We have Ceremonial Band, briefs about Army musician careers and suicide prevention (separate briefs!), then IP (independent practice, and MPT rehearsal. Thursday is Ceremonial Band, Concert Band, Studio Masterclass, and IP. On Friday, we have Ceremonial Band, Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills, MPT rehearsal, and then IP. We have a 5k Ruck March with our weapons, ammo vest, and helmet for PRT coming up sometime (whatttttttt?!?). We also have our ASU (dress uniform) inspection soon, and then our next APFT will be here before we know it! Flying by!

Time for dinner chow and maybe a fast swim in the ocean with Willette? It’s definitely an early bedtime for me, with that 0245 wakeup! Happy Fourth of July!

Verse of the Day:
2 Timothy 1
– For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love, and self-discipline.

I’m totally using that verse as my mantra when gaining weight seems impossible, or when I’m having a bad practice session!

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