He liked it, so he put a ring on it. The wedding post!

I’ve wanted to “write” a wedding post for the longest time (ok, since I started the blog in early June lol), and the day has finally arrived! It’s going to be super easy, just a sentence or two a picture, and then I’ll always have them online! I hope you enjoy!

Will and I actually had a small ceremony with our immediate family on April 23, 2017. Surprise! We decided to do our relationship “by the books,” so we didn’t sleep together or spend the nights at each other’s house. Even though we were both 31 and had been married before, we felt that it was really important to honor God for this relationship. We didn’t do that for past relationships or marriages, and look how they turned out! It was not the easiest couple of months for us, but I’m so glad we waited for marriage. We got tons of comments from friends, however. They were confused that we were getting engaged straight away, instead of moving in together first. Society now is so different from Biblical truth. This just proves, though, that there’s no reason to jump into anything. I wanted someone who would wait and be a good Christian man, and Will is a wonderful example of that. I’m so blessed to have him in my life 🙂

Because we wanted to do everything correctly in God’s eyes, we wanted to be married before we moved into our new house together.


We moved in our things on April 22 and got married in Firestone Park on April 23! We walked to the spot where we had the ceremony, and it’s awesome to run past it every day and remember that we were first married there!


And now the photo dump!



Will and Andrew


Amy and me


Amy, Andrew, Will, and me


Haley and me


Janelle and me


Jen, Bethany, and me


Will, his nephew Isaiah, and me


Will, his friends’ daughter Gabriella, and me


Some ceremony pictures!




And I definitely had to change into some comfy clothes at Chop and Swizzle!


We had a pre-party at Mustard Seed in Highland Square the night before – Will surprised me with this dress that I loved at Alterd State!


And of course, our marriage license! Or certificate. Don’t really know.


I need to find pictures with my family, so check back later!

Have a great day! I’ll update this later with a verse of the day 🙂

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