The Hunger Site! Ruck March! ASU Inspection! And I gained two pounds!

How gorgeous is this sunrise from Friday morning’s 5k ruck march! We left the barracks at 0500, and we marched to the beach and back. We took a 10 minute break at the beach, and I’m so glad I had my phone 🙂 The sunrise really affected some of us. One male came straight here from Basic, and he said that the difference between Basic and AIT is insane. We go from no control and drill sergeants yelling in our faces to having a decent amount of control over our free time, but the way he phrased it was very “musician.” He said it was like going from the dynamics FFF to ppp, and the sunrise ruck march was the perfect example of that for him The platoon sergeants could have stopped us anywhere for a break, but we were able to be at the beach for the beautiful sunrise. PLUS, two blue herons flew over us as we were marching in, and I saw another one gliding over the water. I absolutely love blue herons, and I hadn’t seen any here yet. Between that and the sunrise, I totally felt like God was smiling down on me.

Before I get into the ASU inspection this morning, I need to share an awesome website with you! Will mentioned that his mom went to this site every day where all you do is click on a button, and they donate meals to different organizations. The Hunger Site takes the money from their advertisers, and each time someone “clicks to donate,” they donate from that pool of money. There’s also a fair trade store on the website. You can click once a day, and I like to do it on different devices 🙂

Our ASU inspection went well this morning! I woke up with plenty of time to do a TRX workout in the day room and an easy mile around the barracks. AND I slept in until 5:45! I ate breakfast in my room,, so I had plenty of time to get ready for the 0850 formation. We just had to fix a few things on our uniforms, and we were finished by 0945. I love seeing all of Battles in their fancy uniforms! Six more weeks and we’ll be through 🙂



Has anyone read Hunger Runner Girl’s blog? I pretty much read it every day, ha! Her blog used to be mostly about running and her love of candy, but now it’s just about all of her life. She’s recently pregnant – yay – and since she has a background of disordered eating and pushing her body too hard, I feel like I can relate to her posts. One of her recent posts was about how we struggle to accept compliments and boast about our strengths, and I agree 100% We should be proud of our strengths. So I have some brags to share with you 🙂

1) When the group of us went to Fort Story, one of my Battles said that it’s basically impossible not to like Kibler, and another Battle agreed with him. He had no idea how much I needed to hear that on that day. I’ve been struggling with feeling good about myself and finding positive qualities within me, and I’ve felt that way a lot more since I’ve relapsed into my eating disorder. I’m working on it, and I’m glad that he is able to see that in me now. I’ve felt pretty dull since 2017 began, but it’s all going to turn around 🙂 I shall be sparkly again soon!
2) That same day, I was singing to myself as I walked into the bathroom (yeah, a lot of vocal people do that… don’t judge) and there were two other females in there with me. They went out to wash their hands, and one of them asked the other if she was just singing. I was still in the stall but I said, “oh that was me, I’m sorry if it was annoying,” and she said, “No, iit was beautiful!” That was so nice to hear. After I left the bathroom, I was walking to my locker when Hamilton (Marine) said, “Kibler, that was you singing?” I said yes, and she said again that is was beautiful. God knew I needed some pep!
3) We had finance training (I am NOT going to get into that, because it was a hot mess and our platoon sergeant agreed), and the finance guy was saying that it takes effort on your part to save money and not just spend it right away. He asked if there were any 300 PT scores in the room. My Battles pointed me out, and he asked me if that took a lot of effort. My Battles said, “oh no, she does it so easily and doesn’t even sweat!” It was super cute! I did say that it took me some time to work up to my fitness level, though.

Thanks for letting me brag 🙂 Because honestly, now that I am gaining weight, it’s just as hard as I expected. And I need the positivity. So yeah, two pounds probably isn’t a lot to most people, and I probably wouldn’t even care if I didn’t see my muscle definition disappearing and notice some jiggling and softness on my body. I know that it really doesn’t matter, but it’s hard for me to accept that. It’s also been tough to lose my fitness. Outside of Army PRT, I’m really not running. I miss it, but I don’t have the time or the energy. It took some effort today to run that mile, but then again, the first mile always is the toughest. We have a PT test coming up, and I am going to go hard for a 300, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m a little concerned. I want to break 13:00 in the two-mile run, too! I know those are selfish goals. Tina Muir is a well-known runner who stopped running completely so she could get her period back and now she’s pregnant! It took her about 6 weeks from the time she stopped to the day she was pregnant. Isn’t that insane? But she devoted herself to making herself a “baby-making machine.” She definitely gained some weight, but she got her health back. She admits that there was a mental struggle, for sure. Maybe I just need to devote myself to making myself a “baby-making machine.” I might regain more than just my physical healthy… but it’s a huge leap of faith. Trusting that God will help me through it. Her website is

There’s another blogger that I really like, and she lives in Columbus, actually! Her website is, and she has a fresh farm-to-table café, Alchemy. She occasionally blogs about her disordered eating, and I really liked these recent posts.

Jess Lively (from The Lively Show podcast) has mentioned this phrase a few times in her recent podcasts, and it’s really been sticking with me. “What you resist will persist.” I’ve been resisting for a long time. This has been persisting for a long time.

The sermon from Grace last weekend was on point, too! When I think about those things that cause me anxiety, the peace of God is with me. In the depths of my insecurities and struggles, God is inviting me to engage Him in it. There is hope and there is life on the other side if I let God to take me there.

Verse of the Day:
Philippians 4:13
– I can do all things through him who gives me strength.

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