Phase Five, y’all! We’re halfway through the cycle!

Morgan and I rocked our civvies (civilian clothes) this evening while we showcased the Army School of Music signage 🙂 Most of us phased up this evening We needed to pass the APFT and the AMPA. We’ve had two APFTs ad one AMPA. Now that we’re in Phase Five, we can go off-post on Saturdays and Sunday, too. I don’t know how often I’ll go off-post – we need to have four people together at all times, and it sounds like a hassle to try to get a taxi or an Uber. Ehhh I’ll take it one weekend at a time. We were thinking of going to Busch Gardens on day though, so I do hope we do that!

Then we went to the library for ping pong, pool, reading, and Call of Duty (so many choices for everyone!) Look! We’re real boys and girls!


It has been a LONG and BUSY week! This is how hot it’s been all week… note that this screenshot was taken at 4 am. It actually got to 97 degrees today, with a real feel of 110 degrees. Now do you see why we’re so happy we can wear civvies? 🙂


We had the second APFT on Monday, and I scored a 299. That’s what you get when you don’t look at the maximum requirements! I thought I needed 75 situps, so I did 75 situps. Turns out, I needed 76 situps. LAME on me! I thought I had a 300 again. Oh well – I’ll get a 300 on the final APFT for sure. I did 46 pushups and called it, and I ran another 13:20 two-miler.

The rest of the week was pretty standard. Lessons, MPT rehearsals, concert band rehearsal and sectionals, ceremonial band marching in the heat and humidity, tons of practicing. We started rehearsing in the parking lot across the street from the Annex for ceremonial band (shade!!!), and it’s right next to a Navy SEALs obstacle course. They were out there working hard this morning! And it’s also next to a K-9 agility course! Sometimes the MPs (military police) will have their dogs working the course, but Sgt Mesa said we can’t ask to pet the dogs. Sad day! However, a Navy sergeant brought her dog in on Wednesday evening when Rhody and I were on quarterdeck duty, and it made my freaking night to pet a dog! I miss Maggie! I can’t wait to see her 🙂

We did have a mock AMPA in our masterclass with horns and the euphoniums on Thursday. Sgt Moon also gave us a “quickly prepared” packet that had five or six pieces in it on Wednesday so we could get more practice with that. We played our three prepared pieces and the quickly prepared pieces for each other and received feedback. It’s awesome to hear how much better we’ve gotten! AMPA score of 30, here I come!

I also realized that I’m a huge idiot for just now deciding to double on piano. I printed some pieces to play for Sgt Davis next week, and I’m hoping that I can score two additional points for my AMPA. I definitely need to work on them this weekend! Mozart, Brahms, and Bartok 🙂


I’ll have PLENTY of time to practice tomorrow, since our Combatives training was rescheduled! Wait, why was it rescheduled? Because we won’t have A/C in the barracks tomorrow. So I’ll be practicing the majority of the day! There’s a ton that I need to practice anyway. Sondelski and I are going to the big NEX sometime tomorrow to buy more civvies and a swimsuit for the beach! There’s some pretty cute clothes at the NEX, surprisingly! And of course, I need to buy bananas at the Commissary.

I bought this book after reading Tina Muir’s story about quitting running, gaining weight, and getting her period back. AND getting pregnant within two months of that decision. Craziness! She also gained 15 pounds in those two months. Ahhhhhhh that’s so scary. Anyway, this book is fantastic. It has a lot of science-based research, real-life stories, and great information on navigating the whole disordered food thinking, overexercising, and fear of weight gain issues.


Even though it’s a Friday night and I should be living it up, I’m going to read and watch an episode of the Office 🙂 The heat is catching up to me!

Verse of the Day:
Galatians 6:2
– Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

Ummm, that sounds like the Battle Buddy system for sure! We’re all starting to annoy each other, but we love each other, so it’s good to be reminded that we’re all in this together. If I help someone succeed, they’re going to help me succeed! And by doing that, we love like Christ loves!

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