Best Saturday and Sunday EVER and all the fries!!

Right?! That’s a lot of fries! French fries (any fast food, really) is a fear food, and I am slowly but surely conquering those silly food rules that I have. I’ve had Cheerios at breakfast three days in a row, and I even put “breakfast syrup” in them twice. Yep. So when we were planning out our Saturday, it really made sense to eat at the big NEX / Commissary / food court. Ok. Challenge accepted. I went to the Mex Café (lol) and got a salad with guac and those hugh jass fries. I probably ate about half of the fries and I even went through six ketchup packets! I know most people can eat wherever and whenever without giving it a second thought, but this caused me mild anxiety and I’m super pumped that I did it.

SO! Saturday of FUN! Morgan and I (now that we have our civvies, sometime we call each other by our first names, and I’ll admit – it feels a little weird!) went to the galley (DFAC, chow hall) and met up with some peeps for breakfast —

— insert funny story here — so I woke up pretty early, with enough time to do laundry and a TRX workout in the day room. The Army musicians had guard duty yesterday, so our people were watching the video monitors overnight. Leardi said “so we saw someone working out this morning and we’re like, it’s probably Kibler, and then we saw the TRX and we’re like, oh yeah that’s Kibler. I said, “oh my gosh I was wondering if anyone was going to be able to see me,” and he said, “oh yeah we could see the whole thing.” HAHAHA —

— and then we put in our two hours of practicing. Then we snagged Chris and Jarrett to shop for clothes! Some people came straight from Basic and so they have NO civvies. I bought some Kensie sunglasses on sale, black Toms because they’re super cheap there, a flowy t-shirt dress, a tank top, a swim suit and some sports bras.

We made a quick stop at Starbucks and the Commissary for some essentials, and then we headed to the beach! We swam in the ocean for a bit and went on a few seashell walks.





On the way there, I saw this amazing white bird. Is it a white heron? An ibis – is that a thing? Anyway, if you know what this is, let me know!



On the way home, we cut through the golf course.



Fighter jets! They were practicing some maneuvering, so they crisscross-applesauced and stuff.


A bunch of us went back to the library last night to eat pizza and watch a movie, Act of Valor (I’m not quite there with pizza yet… plus gluten and dairy will make me sick. I had green beans and tuna and caramel M&Ms and Glutino lemon wafer cookies). After the movie, we all played pool and ping pong and had a great time. My Battles are pretty sweet 🙂

Today is going to be awesome, too! Canon and I are going on an easy three mile run, because I apparently have a dentist appointment tomorrow (??) and I’ll miss the running PRT in the morning. Lame. Then we have the guardmount formation at 0800, because Rhody and I have duty from 1400-1600 today. But that means I’ll get to the schoolhouse nice and early to practice piano and some horn!

Chaplain Pederson is back at church today, so I’m excited to see him and hear his sermon. Will is preaching today, too! I hope they record his sermon so he can send it to me 🙂

The free movie is about a female Marine and her K-9 doggie! I am so excited to see it. I’ll let y’all know how it is! I’m even bringing a bag of M&Ms to eat there – who am I?! 🙂

I hope you’re having an amazing weekend! I’ll be home in less than FIVE WEEKS!

Verse of the Day:
Proverb 15:16
– Better a little with the fear of the Lord than great wealth with turmoil.

WOW this speaks right to my heart. Will and I made a big decision this week, and this verse is right on. We’re WAY better off with “a little,” with our hearts and mind focused on God and each other, than be crazy busy and stressed with “a lot.”

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