Week SEVEN is over?! And yet another fun Saturday off-post!

Watching La La Land at the library for a fun end to our day! And people are playing pool and pingpong too 🙂

Ok so we had this huge Inspector General inspection this morning, but Rhody and I had overnight guard duty, so we were exempted from the 6 AM inspection, thank GOODNESS!. Instead, most of the females had our real inspection last night when everyone else had their mock inspection. There’s sooooo much detail involved for this inspection – you have to make sure your clothing is hung exactly the correct way, pants facing the same direction, everything fastened as it should be worn, your shower curtain needs to be open, your gear needs to be laid out on your bed exactly like the diagram, and a bunch of other little details. And if there’s a legitimate reason that it doesn’t match the diagram, it needs to look exactly like your battle buddy’s. It actually sounds easy enough, but you could check a million times and still forget one little thing.

Even though we were on duty recovery, I still woke up at a decent time so I could get a TRX workout in before chow ad practicing. There were only two females who actually had the inspection today, and they were waiting in the day room for the next formation when I was working out. Guess what?! They won! Congratulations, A. Rodriguez and Bertelson! They got an awesome challenge coin and some bragging rights!


Sondelski and I got an hour-ish of practicing in during our overnight shifts, so we didn’t need to spend forever at the schoolhouse this morning, yay! Most of our MPT was there at the same time, so we worked on memorizing some of our pieces together. Cislaru, Mejias, Barr, and me! Some of the Winds of Change MPT representing 🙂


I had to take some clothes back to the big NEX, and I found this Michael Kors crossbody purse there for $69! It was on sale from $159 – woot! Also, my shirt is from the girls section of the NEX for $9, and it came with that sweet necklace 🙂


Morgan and I booked some girly activities for this afternoon – a haircut for her and a massage for me! We took Helfrich, Barr, Mejias, and Jeter with us. We got to the plaza a bit early, but it was perfect timing for this amazing bakery! Check out the glory of the baked goods! And I bought a gluten-free brownie and three gluten-free cake pops. I definitely ate all of the brownie, and the cake pops are for other days this week. We have a weigh-in on Monday… 😦 Luckily, it doesn’t matter if I’m underweight right now. But I’m going to try to make the minimum weight anyway!



I ate the brownie while I was waiting for my massage appointment. We actually found a really really nice salon and spa that was only 7 minutes off post! You know it’s fancy when there’s individual towels in the bathroom 🙂





I loved the bakery so much that I’m taking Will and my family there after graduation to buy dessert to enjoy after we have dinner at the Taphouse – I’m sure Will and my dad will enjoy these beers!


Everyone else went ahead to Taste during my massage (Morgan and I couldn’t get appointments at exactly the same time, but it was close), but first – my massage was AWESOME! She said I’m ridiculously tight and have knots all over my back. I believe her.

Back to Taste – picture onslaught! It is SUCH a cool place! It’s too bad that it was raining, because they have tons of outdoor seating and cornhole. Here we go…

Loft seating and the deli/counter”


Wall of chocolate:


Adorable decorated cookies:


Like 16 flavors of gelato – and three sorbet flavors!



All by myself… just wanna be… all by myself…


An example of the artwork:


This chai peanut butter has me all sorts of intrigued… I’ll try it later tonight!


And we are so cute:


I’m checking these books out of the library tonight. Has anyone read them or heard about them?


Last but not least, check out this picture from Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills! We’re practicing litter carries. Did you know that Army musicians used to be trained as medics also? That was back in the day, though. But since the Vietnam War, we’ve gotten much better at saving soldiers out in the battlefield, and it’s because all the incoming soldiers get basic first aid training, plus training on how to call in the medics and transportation. So we’ve gotta practice – you never know when we’ll have to use it!


That’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed the recap of our super fun day 🙂 Tomorrow should be another good one. Practicing, beach afternoon, lazy evening… Because it’s go-go-go until graduation! We have the Concert Band performance, the MPT performance/assessment, the Ceremonial Band assessment, the final APFT… all in a week and a half’s time. T-18 days until Family Day, 19 days until we graduate. Not that I’m counting… The people here are awesome, students and cadre alike. But… home, please. 🙂

Verse of the Day:
John 14:1
– Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me.

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