Beach day photo dump!

Today was an AWESOME day! I started the morning off with a 5k at a decently hard pace, so I could see what kind of shape I’m in. 22:24… 7:17 pace… I’ve lost a bit of running fitness! We’ll see what time I can pull off for the final APFT two-mile run!

Sondelski and I headed to the schoolhouse at 0750 to drop me off, and she and some battles went to breakfast chow. There is NO way I can wait until 8 AM to eat – I definitely eat breakfast in my room on the weekends. We practiced until 1030, and then went to lunch chow at 1040! Sooooo early, but we wanted to eat before we went to the Commissary and the big NEX. I needed bananas (duh) and everyone else needed little crippy-crap at the NEX.

I think I found my next pair of running shoes… Brooks Cadence. SOOOO comfy. I might buy them before I leave.


When we got back to the barracks, we changed and headed to the beach! Here’s the photo dump of our beach day!

There were actual waves today! We had a blast (and got a mini-workout in) 🙂


Tactical combat… they’re trying to do cartwheels.







We came back and showered, and we headed for the little NEX for some sushi. I ate this delicious seaweed salad – thanks, Barri Sax! He owed me from when I bought him a Stromboli 🙂


We played some pool at the library, and now I’m watching The Imitation Game and eating my banana protein mug cake. OHHHHH update on that chai peanut butter from Taste – AMAZING. I’m going to buy like 14 jars before I leave. Too bad it’s $16, though… it was totally worth it. Oh. My. Gosh.

Week EIGHT starts tomorrow, y’all!

Verse of the Day:
2 Peter 3:9
– The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead, he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

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