Everyone’s a GO! And Busch Gardens! And 300 on my APFT, thank you very much…

Woot woot! Everyone got a go on their MPT performances that happened on Friday! It was so much fun to watch the other groups perform and see how much better they’ve gotten since the One-Tune Performance. We’ve done a LOT in 8 weeks! We should be pretty darn proud of ourselves.

And par-tay… Another 300 APFT score in the books! And before someone else says, “of course Kibler got a 300, she had to do like 20 pushups,” let me just tell you what I scored 🙂 46 pushups, 86 situps, and my two-mile run time was 13:08 – SO CLOSE to under 13:00! Next time! So if I were a 32 year old male, I would have scored a 270, and if I were an 18 year old male, I would have scored a 263. Not too shabby for a 32 year old female 🙂

One of the last gas station trips, I hope!


Holloway passed his PT test and got his civvies back!


We went to the Pembroke Mall on Saturday, and ooooooh I wish I didn’t have gluten issues…


We went to one of the biggest Targets I’ve ever seen in my life and I finally found the cute chocolate chip kids RX bars 🙂


And then we went to Busch Gardens yesterday!


We took the twins with us – dressed them the same so we wouldn’t lose them.


Military gets in free once a year, so we saved $80, yay! We took an Uber both ways, so it was $26 per person. Too easy! It was a blast. We went on every rollercoaster (except the wooden one; we didn’t want to go on that one) and Justin, Kyle, and I went on the Big Drop Ride (Terror of Tower type ride lol). We stopped at the top forever! We were so high! There are different countries, like England, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Scotland, and the rides are designed with the theme of each country.

We stopped in England…


Saw the sheep in Scotland…


Got some gelato (and an amazing chocolate caramel sea salt truffle for me!) in Italy… of course I needed to take a picture of the chocolate shop (shoppe? lol)



Got lazy and took the skyride…



Cool 3D castle ride, The Dark Castle…


Check out these coasters! The yellow one is the only coaster that has a loop WITHIN a loop!



Yep… this one goes straight down. We sat in the front row!


The landscaping was SO nice!






Again, we are so cute. The bathroom was even themed – look at the stall doors!


Morgan gave me a cute flower to put in my hair 🙂


AND now it’s time to read and make a mug cake and eat caramel M&Ms and get ready for tomorrow… we had a 0435 formation this morning. I am TIRED!

By the way, I finally finished “Celebration of Discipline,” by Richard Foster, and it’s a really good read! It’s about the different spiritual disciplines that we can use to grow closer to God and to live like Jesus. We can use meditation, study, solitude, prayer, fasting, simplicity, submission, confession, worship, guidance, and celebration to achieve closeness with God. Each person does some of those more easily than others, so this book walked me through how to weave these aspects into my daily life. I highly recommend it!

I hope everyone had an awesome start to the week!

Verse of the Day:
– Matthew 19:26
– Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

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