Well, it’s been a LONG time coming!

I graduated! Well, WE graduated! It was the longest 10 weeks ever. Seriously, I feel like so much has changed since I left for AIT. Some things got better, some things got worse… oh, life.

Since my MPT was chosen to play at the graduation ceremony, we had tech rehearsals on Monday and Wednesday. I feel SO incredibly blessed that we were able to keep playing together for another week. We rehearsed as a group Saturday and Sunday before graduation, and then we had the tech rehearsals in the Gator Theater. Isn’t that fun to say? Gator Theater. Francisco… haha. Anyway. I did NOT want to be in a woodwind group whatsoever. I was not a happy camper when they announced the MPT groups. But man oh man… we had some amazing musicians in The Winds of Change and we KILLED it at graduation. Just sayin’…


Will got to the base a little before my parents, so he picked me up and we went to Taste to meet my parents. We got there at the exact same time, YES!! My mom knitted me the coolest unicorn, because I love to use the unicorn emoji at random times in conversation. Isn’t it amazing?!


After dinner at Taste, we went to the NEX (exciting things happen at the NEX, duh…) and Will and I got new pairs of shoes. And my parents got batteries. H’ok 🙂 Then I took them to the little sliver of the beach that we were allowed to go to while we were on base. Hey, it’s still the beach!!

On Thursday, we woke up bright and early and were at the theater with all of our gear at 7 am. We had a million rehearsals, and then we were let out a little early for lunch. That meant that we had extra time to get ready! We redid our hair and makeup and checked and rechecked our dress blues, our ASUs, and then formed up at 1245. We marched over and then killed some time before the ceremony, which was AWESOME! The cadre there work really hard to make it a performance from start to finish, with seamless transitions and videos. The concert band played a few pieces, and of course our MPT played 🙂 Two other AIT MPTs performed, also. They did great! I won the Physical Fitness award, and I received a coin when I shook everyone’s hands on stage. Yay!

My roommate Rhody! She was great. She would come home to a dark room every night, because I went to bed around 8:30. Thanks, Rhody!


And of course, Will and me! He put up with a lot for 10 weeks, and I’m really grateful for his support.


After graduation, we changed into our PTs and tore down the stage. Super fun. My dad apparently needed to take a picture of me in my PTs. Clearly it’s the height of fashion. I’ll let you come up with your own image in your head. It’s black on black on high white socks. And the most unflattering balloony fit ever.

After THAT, we went to the New River Taphouse for dinner, then to a sweet restaurant that had an outdoor seating area overlooking the ocean. Everyone got delicious drinks, and I drank water. One more day haha.

So yeah, the next day, I packed all of my things into Will’s car and we were GONE by 7:30 am! And then we went straight to the Williamsburg Winery. But that’s a post for another day… hopefully tomorrow!

Thanks for following my journey through the Army School of Music! The blog isn’t over yet – I still want to do some overview posts of AIT, and I want to continue to post about what’s going on in my life. I’m playing a pretty important role in Yoga Bliss’ expansion, and it’s both delicious AND exciting 🙂

Verse of the Day:
– Galatians 5:13
– You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love.

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