The Adventures of F-Unicorn – Williamsburg edition

Williamsburg post – better late than never! 🙂

Everyone had to report back to the barracks on Graduation Day at 2045 for a recall formation – our second-to-last formation! I was pretty much packed and ready to leave for Friday morning; I just had my OCPs and my civilian change of clothes left out. I was super fortunate that I was able to turn in my instrument early, because that means that I only had two stop on Friday morning! I just had to go to Admin and then the platoon sergeants’ office.

The platoon sergeants woke us up at 5 am on Friday, but really, who was still sleeping?! We all wanted to get out of there! Of course, I was already up to get in one last 3-mile run. It was disgustingly humid and it made me appreciate the fact that I was leaving even more, which I didn’t think was possible! Rhody was already awake also, and the platoon sergeants officially checked our room and cleared us at 6 am! It was a special day – we didn’t have to use battles buddies all day! But we still went to breakfast together. Our last breakfast at the DFAC/galley/free food so you can’t complain too much 🙂

We had our very last formation as Basic Music Course Class 17-003 at 0700, and then we were off to check out! I was fifth in line at Admin, so I let Will know that I could be ready to leave at 7:15 🙂 I was cleared by Admin, and I was cleared by the platoon sergeants, and then I just had to take everything down to the car, and I was outta there!

We left around 7:30 and we went to Sugar Shack Donuts to kill some time. Will got a cold brew coffee and I got an iced Americano with a shot of tiramisu syrup – living on the edge! *~* Actually, with my weird food rules, coffee and syrups are usually a no-go. I’m going to keep pushing my limits to get rid of “food rules.” I’m going to stay plant-based (I eat eggs in my mugcake every night, and I eat tuna or salmon 3/4 times a week) and I have to avoid gluten, but other than that, anything goes! ~*~ Then we headed to Flour Child so I could load up on their gluten-free brownie and cake pops 🙂 After that, we were Williamsburg-bound!


First stop – Williamsburg Winery! There are two wine tasting options – the standard flight for $10 and the reserve flight for $15. Too easy! We did one of each and shared with each other. The wine was AWESOME (10 weeks is a long time to go without alcohol!) and the scenery was beautiful. I highly recommend the Williamsburg Winery! After the tastings, we had lunch outside, and yes, more wine 🙂


We popped into Whole Foods so I could buy some fruit and bars in case the hanger struck me on the trip. It did. But we tried to be prepared! I also bought some charcoal soap – it smells great, it draws out toxins, and it leaves my skin super soft!


I knew exactly what I wanted to do once we parked in Colonial Williamsburg. It’s not historical and it might even be slightly embarrassing, but I headed straight into the Peanut Shop for free samples. YES. I also bought some chocolate, but I taste-tested my fair share of chocolate coated everything before I decided 🙂


Wine and cheese shop:


What? More free samples? OK.


Beautiful chocolates:


We found a place that was only for military people – the volunteers inside were really nice, and there was coffee/tea/water/air conditioning AND a bathroom. Nice.


F-Unicorn met some of his family in this quirky store:


And also here! Reunion time 🙂


We found a really cool local bakery and coffee shop. They had gluten-free treats, homemade kombucha, homemade gelato (and some vegan flavors, too!), and avocado toast. We stopped by on Saturday afternoon, but we made sure we came back on Sunday morning for breakfast!


We had dinner at The Dog Pub after I had a hanger meltdown – seriously, it’s like a child who has a sugar crash. Get some food in them and they’re fine, but until then, it’s like what the heck is wrong with you? Poor Will.

We checked into a cheap hotel right “off-post” and dropped off our food, and then we went back for the ghost tour! The tour was fun. We went inside three houses and heard stories from an actor in each. One house was just recently reopened to the public at night. A few years ago, a security officer was making his nightly rounds. He didn’t come back to the office, so others went on a search for him. They found him in the Randolph House, locked in the cellar. He went back to the office and quit immediately and wouldn’t tell anyone what he saw. Creepy! But now we’re all allowed back in the house, so who knows what’ll happen now?!

The next morning, I went on an easy two-mile run, and then we lounged in the hotel room, eating breakfast and watching HGTV and the Food Network (mostly me). Then we went to Lokal for Will’s avocado toast and coffee, and of course, we stopped back into the Peanut Shop. I’m so glad we did, because they had different samples out! Haha 🙂

We headed home at a reasonable time, but we got caught in tons of traffic. We ate lunch at Panera, and we ate dinner at Bob Evans. I was pleasantly surprised at Bob Evans! I was able to eat there pretty easily, and the price point was awesome.

We got home around 9, and I was SOOOOOO happy to see Maggie! I really wanted to put my personal stuff away so I could enjoy Sunday, so I stayed up a little late to do that. Sunday was great though, because I went on a run with Maggie, 8.5 miles, then we went to the Firestone Park United Methodist Church, and then we had a pool day at my parents’!

It was a long 10 weeks at AIT, and I went through a lot of personal stuff while I was there, which made it harder than I expected. I learned a lot of Army music stuff (lol), I made new friends, and I started to recover from my eating disorder for real. But being away from my friends, my family, and Will was hard. I’m so glad to be back and to work on these relationships again!

Feel free to visit me at Yoga Bliss Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays! You won’t be disappointed with our juices, smoothies, wheatgrass, ginger/lemon, orange/tumeric shots, or the hot, slow, or restorative yoga classes. You can’t go wrong!

Verse of the Day:
– 2 Corinthians 1:3-4
– Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.

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