Since I’ve been home…

I can breathe for the first time! Good old Kelly Clarkson. Speaking of 90s singers, I’ve been listening to the Hanson Pandora station on some of my runs, and it’s Takes me back! And puts me in a really great mood, too. Win-win-win – thank you, Pam.


Gotta love the Towpath!


I think I killed the Doodle… 6 miles with 800m speedwork thrown in the mix.


I also think I need this sweatshirt – I’ve run 51 miles since August 19, since I’ve left AIT. I ran 74 miles in August (and only 26 in July – you do NOT run in Army School of Music AIT) and I’ve been to 6 yoga classes – so the shirt is pretty appropriate 🙂


I went through my teacher clothes and gave them to Goodwill. Have you ever been to the Goodwill Blu? There’s one in downtown Akron and I think there’s one in Kent, too. They have the pricier brands there! Since I can’t get money for my clothes (Clothes Mentor and Plato’s Closet don’t take my size, and I don’t want to bother with selling them online), I figured Goodwill would be the best bet, because many of my clothes can go to Goodwill Blu! I had a mini-shopping spree at Kohl’s yesterday, and I actually opened a charge card there. I saved 30% and I paid it off immediately. Not a bad deal! I figure, since I need to gain weight, it’ll make me feel bad when I try to wear clothes that have fit me for years. So I went through more clothes and only bought ones that will make me feel great even when I gain weight. Fashion show post tomorrow!

I started training at Yoga Bliss last Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. Didn’t really take a break… but that’s ok! It’s such a relaxing job. I’m the juice bar manager, and I’m in charge of revamping their menu. We kept many of the shots, juices, and smoothies the same, but we added charcoal lemonade, homemade almond nut mylk, chocolate cashew mylk, cold brew almond mylk latte, chia pudding bowls, spirulina bowls… needless to say, it’s been super fun and delicious to create the recipes! Caroline let me borrow her Vitamix to make the nut mylks, and I’m in love! Although, Will’s blender is pretty darn good, so we’ll be ok for a while 🙂 I’ve either been drinking and eating the test recipes, or I’ve taken them in to the studio to sample them out. You don’t have to take a class to order a juice or a smoothie – just come on in and we’ll whip something up for you!




Homemade no-grainola – get it?!


Will was awesome and ran with me in Cleveland last Monday. We did a four-mile course and had free drinks and delicious food at Townhall. They do it pretty much every other Monday, and No Meat Athlete usually does it on the other Mondays, although they’ve been irregular lately. Hopefully it’ll get back in the swing of things!


Will and I met up with Casey and Tammy on Friday at Old 97 – it was so good to be back home and to see our friends again!


While I was gone, a cute cafe opened up in Firestone Park – A Walk in the Park Cafe. Will has had some work meetings there, and I’ve gone once to do some reading in the evening. It’s just starting out, so go down there to support local business!



Will and I are supporting two Kenmore football players this year. We make snack bags for them, volunteer at team dinners, go to the games and cheer them on… Their home opener was on Saturday, so we went for a bit!


After that, we met my parents and Josh and Elyse at Sarah’s Vineyard for wine for me and wood-fired pizza for Will! Then we went to Blossom for the Cleveland Orchestra concert, and the males wanted to wait for the tram. Really?! So my mom, Elyse, and I decided to race them into the gate, and we totally won. We didn’t even have to run 🙂


On an unrelated note, did anyone call these oil well pumps “ants” when they were growing up? My brother and I definitely did. I totally think it looks like an ant. Will was having none of it. Lame.


Of course, as soon as I get home, Will had to leave for work. He was gone Sunday AM to Wednesday PM. I just saw him for like two minutes this morning before I had to run and go to work. But he sent me pictures of a candy shop, perfect:



And he brought me home new bars! I always have to check out the “protein bar” section of every grocery store – when you visit a store in a different area, they tend to stock local bars. He brought home chocolate chip RX bars, Thunderbird bars, and a bar that I’ve never seen before! I can’t wait to try them all.

Oh, and Maggie made a new friend:


All right, that’s it for today! Just an update on my life. Tomorrow I’ll post my new clothes and some stuff I’ve learned since I’ve been home. Being gone from your life and new husband for 10 weeks is ROUGH in itself, and taking out your eating disorder recovery on your husband through text is even worse 🙂 It’s definitely made me appreciate Will more and I’ve done some research to know the steps I need to take to get a handle on it by myself. I’ll tell you what, though – my life is sooo much less stressful now, and I’m way happier. Delicious juices and smoothies and free yoga will do that to you 🙂

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