The Akron Art Museum!

Dude, the Akron Art Museum has some great exhibits this month! Admission is free on Thursdays, so I’ve gone a few times with Jen and with Will. There have been some great painting and pieces in the past, but this was by farrrrr my favorite trip!

Jen and I went to the Akron Art Museum on Thursday, and it was really good to see her! I moved out of our duplex in April, and even though we are in the same RLG, we haven’t seen each other since I got back from AIT. I had a lot of fun – thanks, Jen!

In case you don’t make it to the art museum before they change it up! Enjoy and then try to get there soon!



We created him!


Super pointalism




I also created this!


Inspired by TV screens and his Korean upbringing


Beautiful patterns in nature




We had a blast looking at the old phones – I haven’t seen the black one before!



On an unrelated note, I got a little crazy with my hair yesterday! I’ve never been even close to a blonde before 🙂


Thanks for scrolling through the interesting pieces at the Akron Art Museum – get yourself there! 🙂

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