Running for Rahab! Plus, as seen on my Friday… and yes, I know that it’s Sunday

This was an Army National Guard Band weekend! If you haven’t gone on Facebook and checked out the 122 Army band, you are missing out! The band keeps getting better and better, and they even won an MPT of the Year award! It’s the Star Wars video 🙂 but if you watch the Beauty and the Beast video, you’ll see me playing the piano!

I knew that I had drill this weekend, which is usually a Saturday and Sunday thing. I had a long run scheduled for Saturday, so I was just going to run it Friday morning instead. Then I got an email that said I only needed to come down on Sunday, because I need to go down later this month. Sweet – I can keep my long run on Saturday, I thought! Since I had Friday morning free, a free morning means free yoga! So I got in a quick TRX workout and headed to Yoga Bliss for 8 AM Power Vinyasa Flow with Jennifer. I highly recommend all of our yoga instructors, but Jennifer is becoming one of my favorites 🙂

I dropped off snack bags for our Kenmore football players at First Glance on the way home from yoga. First Glance is a nonprofit organization in Kenmore. They do team dinners and lock-ins with the football team, they have after-school programs, they run a teen mom program, and I’m sure there’s even more that I don’t know about! If you want to be plugged in somewhere, look into First Glance. Will and I will be at every team dinner on Wednesday at 6 and we’ll be at their home games on Saturday afternoons, so let us know if you want to tag along 🙂

Kenmore really is trying to turn their downtown around! We went to Better Block Kenmore on September 1, and it was fun! We went into the local stores, had a drink at a local bar and theater, had some drinks at the beer and wine garden, and heard some great music. I hope they do it next year!




I’ve been working on cleaning up our backyard the last week or so, and I think it’s looking really cute 🙂 Man, it gets out-of-control really quickly! It’s hard to find time to do it unless you work part time, YES!! I worked outside until it was lunchtime – salad, veggies, sweet potato pie soup, and chocolate, of course! Oh I had a Hail Merry Espresso Tart, that’s right. Delicious!


But then. I got a call around 12:30 that I actually did need to come down to Columbus on Saturday. So I had two choices: run 10 miles on Friday, or run 10 miles before 6 AM on Saturday. Too easy – I decided to run them on Friday afternoon. I met up with Amy and Lindsay at Compass Coffee for an hour, and then I grabbed Maggie and went on that run. 10 mile progression run with an 8:30 average. Woot!

I’m running Akron’s Half Marathon for Rahab Ministries, an Akron nonprofit that works with women who are victims of human trafficking. I’d love for you to sponsor me! Just click on the link and you’ll see where you can donate via a Google doc. Thank you in advance!

Here are some things I saw on my run 🙂 I started at my house and ran to the Wilbeth trailhead on the towpath, and then I went north to downtown Akron.










Thank goodness I was meeting up with Janelle for drinks that night! We decided to go to 35° Brix in Green, and it’s awesome. Check out the drink menu:


I had whipped vodka on the rocks and two dairy free chocolate martinis. Delicious! And then I went home and I ate all the things. I took cauliflower wings home for my brother, and some of those might have disappeared in the car. My mom’s gluten-free zucchini bread is just as good right out of the freezer and eaten straight off the loaf as it is thawed and sliced into pieces, like a civilized person would eat it. And the jelly beans from Easter are still good, I found out. Eh – live and learn!

Drill was awesome, and I’ll recap that tomorrow! And I need to update everyone on the Yoga Bliss juice and smoothie bar! Exciting and yummy creations are happening!

Enjoy your absolutely beautiful Sunday evening!

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