Drill Weekend!

As you probably know, I’m in the Army National Guard. I went to Basic in the summer of 2016, and I just finished AIT, the Army School of Music, this summer. Every month, I go down for a weekend to Rickenbacker in Columbus for drill. The best part? Well, one of the best parts? Will drills the same weekend, about 20 minutes north of Rickenbacker! So every month, we get a date night in Columbus 🙂 Will was in Indiana this weekend though – they were at the range. And I’m at the range next weekend, so we won’t have Columbus date night until November. Buttttt we can have Akron date night every night! 🙂

Drill was super awesome this weekend – I missed everyone when I was gone and I’m so happy to be back! Erin has spent a ton of time arranging a Lion King medley for our MPT, and she’s been keeping me posted as she went along. It is awesome! Even as the MIDI file, it’s awesome. And we actually got a chance to play it on Saturday! Yay! It’s really going to work. There are vocals and some narration by Timon and Pumba 🙂 Way to go, Battle Buddy!

We went to Blystone Farm for dinner last night, and I saw Lil Sebastian.


Blystone Farm has great food, wonderful desserts, local and seasonal beers on draft, and an outdoor seating area with a fire pit. Plus they have cows and horses and dogs wandering around. Life does not get much better! If you’re ever in south Columbus, head on over!






We went to bed pretty early because we had a APFT test Sunday morning. Because I got a 300 on my APFT test at AIT, I didn’t have to do it. So I slept in a bit, did a TRX workout, and ran an easy two miles before first formation.

Gorgeous sunrise!


I cheered for everyone else during the push-up and sit-up parts, and then I ran the mile to track for the two-mile run. I paced Erin to a great time – again, way to go, Battle Buddy!! She killed it this weekend. Sgt Kessler for the win! Or the kill…

We had weapons PMI in the afternoon. We only shoot once a year, and we have to qualify then. We have to shoot 23/40 targets. The first section is 20 rounds in the prone supported position, where we’re lying down with our weapon on sandbags and shooting at pop-up targets 25-300 yards away. Then we have 10 rounds in the prone unsupported position, lying down propped up on our elbows with our weapon just chilling in the air. And the last part is shooting 10 rounds at targets from a kneeling position. We also have to shoot in a simulation training course, in the dark, and with a gas mask on. It’s tough!

I shot expert at Basic, 39/40. But that was after three weeks of Rifle Marksmanship training. Last year, I didn’t have any shooting gear, so I had to borrow everyone else’s, and it was awful. Everything was too big. I was really concerned about this yearIMG_1731!

BUR it went super well on Sunday! We put the optics on the M16s and practiced shooting at targets with the laser. When you hit the target, it beeps. My target kept beeping 🙂 I’m feeling good about qualifying next month. I still want to find a range to practice, though. I’m going down to Columbus for my marathon mid-October, and one of my battles said he’d take me to a range. I hope it works out!


While I was waiting to turn my weapon in, I noticed this huge size difference in our boots! Bahaha


Will and I got home last night and had about two hours together, but we was getting a presentation ready for a conference today. He’ll be home again tomorrow night, but I’m babysitting with Lindsey at Teen Mom at First Glance. I miss my husband!

Maggie and I ran an easy 6 miles today. This dog has become a RUNNER! I’ve run 56 miles in September already – holy moly. I’ll post my training schedule tomorrow. I’m so excited to run Akron’s half next weekend (aiming for under 1:40!). It’s such a fun race anyway. So many people! And Will and my dad are going to support my mom and me. It’s so awesome that she runs half marathons! I love being able to share these experiences with her!

All right. Time to get ready for bed. I’ve got a dog curled up beside me and Parks and Rec on the TV. Well, she was curled up, and now… lol


It’s really not a bad life at all… wish you were here, Will!

Verse of the Day;
– Colossians‬ ‭2:7‬
– So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.

“We rise by lifting others.”
I heard this quote again today. I’ve heard it before, but it completely resonated with me today. It goes right along with the Bible app’s verse of the day. Let’s change the world by lifting others and showing God’s love to everyone.

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