Wedding Fun and Running Fun…

Will’s sister got married last weekend! It was a beautiful ceremony and a super fun reception 🙂 Will’s sister looked GORGEOUS and I had a blast getting to know his family. Will and I had a small local wedding, so his family didn’t come into town for our wedding. Looking back, I feel really bad that we didn’t invite more of his friends and family. I was probably at the lowest point of stress and anxiety, and I didn’t handle many situations well. BUT I am SO glad that Elizabeth invited all of his family to her wedding!

On Saturday, we had his family over for snacks and hanging out. I woke up extra early to run 14 miles with Maggie (she did it all!) and grab coffee at Compass Coffee with Lindsey and some of her friends. We were going to hang out at his parents’, but his mom was sick! Will loves having people over anyway, and he’s good at entertaining, so it worked out well 🙂


Will sang “Marry Me” by Train as part of the pre-music – he killed it! And I played the traditional piano stuff. I’m happy that we were able to play for the wedding 🙂 It was really fun, and I miss performing. I want to get back into playing gigs… so let me know if you need someone to play the piano!

Here are some pictures from the wedding!




I went to the joint Lululemon and Portage Lake Running Club on Tuesday, and it was awesome! Fastish miles (4 miles at 7:48), plus a beer for Will, plus a mini-massage! I stopped into the new Whole Foods 365 too and found a “Fun Wine” wall.


I’ve been getting back into Snapchat… for probably like a week.





ALSO. Running in nature on the Towpath is way different than running in nature on trails. I forgot how much I missed trail running! Will and I went to Firestone Metro Park last week to hike. I took Maggie to there today to finish up some miles. Oh, my heart was happy!




I am SOOOOO excited for the Akron Half on Saturday! This is Will’s first Akron Marathon experience. He and I are going to the Expo before dinner at Mustard Seed tomorrow evening, YAY!! My parents are coming to our house on Saturday morning, and we’re heading into the city together. My dad and Will can have some bonding time while my mom and I run! After that, I need to run 3 more miles to get 16 miles in for the day. I still have to train for the Columbus Marathon! Firestone Park is ready to go for Saturday – honestly, with my running / GI issues I’ve been having lately, I’d love for this to stay here!!


I’ve been running like a maniac lately – 105 miles for September already?!


Ok. Good catching up with you 🙂 I’ve gotta go teach some piano lessons! Have a great day! Next post – The Power of a Praying Wife and making bracelets again!

Verse of the Day:
– 1 Peter 1:3
– Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

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