The Columbus marathon!

I haven’t written in a while! You know, it was actually easier to write at AIT, because each day was structured so similarly. There was only so much you could do in your free time! But now, life is happening all the time and it’s awesome! I just need to start writing again.

So! I really want to qualify for the Boston marathon. Last spring, I signed up for the Columbus marathon, not knowing what AIT was going to be like but figuring I could run at least 15 miles a week and keep a decent base. Nope! I wasn’t able to run that much (I ran 26 miles in July…), so I knew it would be a long shot to get there by October 15! I started this training cycle on September 3, so that gave me EIGHT weeks. Man oh man!

I hired a running coach, and we got to work! I was running most days of the week, and I was doing interval speedwork and tempo runs in addition to easy miles. My highest mileage week was 53, and my longest run was 18.25 miles. Not. Ideal. !!! Not to mention that my long run nutrition was pretty off. I definitely need to dial that in for the spring!

But I felt all the same feels as everyone does during the race week – tired, your runs feel hard, your legs feel heavy, and you wonder how the heck you’re going to run 26.6+ miles. Everyone assured me that it was normal, and Google said the same thing 🙂

My mom and I drove down to the expo on Saturday afternoon, and it was so much fun to do that and go to dinner with her! We found an awesome restaurant called Forno in the Short North area – go there! I got salmon and roasted root veggies, and she got mushroom risotto with chicken.


Will got down to the hotel around 7, and we spent most of the night putzing around the room so I could pack and repack my race bag and figure out and refigure out what I was going to eat.

Race day morning! I woke up at 4 and started my process nice and early so Will and my mom could get ready a bit later. Although Will wouldn’t say that 5 AM is much later… lol. I ate a banana mixed with chocolate protein powder and cashew butter, and then I had an pumpkin spice RX bar a bit later. As soon as I ate everything, I regretted it. I thought I probably shouldn’t have had the cashew butter and stuck with just the carbs. Ehh. Live and learn… and I learned…

We bought a parking spot online and yes yes it was the best decision ever. We pulled right in and started walking. It really wasn’t that far from the starting line! And of course, Before Pictures!




Will was AMAZING all day. He drove down to Columbus after a long day of work on Saturday, he woke up super early and dealt with my pre-race jitters, he went to every restaurant and random place I wanted to stop on the way home, put my clothes in the laundry, put them away, and basically let me be a princess all day. And my mom did the same thing. She kept saying, “Basically, I’m here to support you and do whatever you need this weekend. You are running a marathon and that’s amazing!” I had the best support system ever there.

Will and my mom were able to see me twice AND get a delicious breakfast! Here are just a few race pictures…




I. Did. It. I ran a marathon! 3:42:26. I was soooo on pace to qualify for Boston (3:35), but then I had to make a lot of portapotty stops. Three. I lost a lot of time in there. And guess what else happens when you stop? It’s hard to start again. I was cruising through water stations, drinking out of the pinched cup that they teach you to do… but once I stopped, I couldn’t get my pace back up. Here are my mile splits, and you’ll see where sh*t happened (bahaha).



Oh well. Like I said, I’ll just keep working on my long run nutrition so it doesn’t happen again. I fueled with dates and a random Toasted Marshmallow GU that I bought for the heck of it. I figured that I already stopped twice; why not take it and risk it? I needed carbs!

After the race, we walked my mom back to the car as I ate a DELICIOUS gluten-free pumpkin cupcake. Yes. Then Will drove a cranky-I-don’t-want-to-shower-I’m-fine-let’s-just-go-eat obnoxious runner to the YMCA for a $5 shower. In my defense, we had to park further away than I really wanted to walk, and I didn’t know how sweaty I really was. Guess what, though? After all the stairs up to the shower (lol), it was the best $5 shower EVER.

Then it was time for fun! Back to Forno, because I knew that they had gluten-free pizza and I knew that Will would love it there!



And drinks, of course! Then it was time to drive home after stopping st the OSU bookstore for a shirt for Will and chocolates for me 🙂 And then we stopped at Grandpa’s Cheese Barn in Ashland on the way home – YES to that, too.

Now I’m looking forward to strength-training more and just easing off running for a month or so. I’m going to a one-on-one kickboxing session tonight, and I’m pumped! I just hope my body isn’t too beat up still. Will and I went to hot yoga last night, and it helped!

Thanks for reading the long post, but race recaps are lengthy! Have a great day!

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