Random Updates – Part 1

I’ve missed blogging. I’ve missed the brain dump that comes with just writing writing and not really editing. Word-vomiting. So I thought I’d catch everyone up with some pictures and some honesty! How’s THAT for a lead-in? 🙂

Will went to (and coordinated) a Black Clergy Retreat at Salt Fork at the end of September. I went down for most of it and it was a really great experience. It was a different worshipping experience that I’m used to – if anyone has checked out The Well (Citizens Akron) for church, it was a lot like that. More gospel, all-the-God-feels music and I felt God’s presence there, for sure. I loved seeing Will in action. We also had a chance to hang out without any stressors, which was awesome! We went hiking and went to the driving range. I don’t golf, but I had fun swinging around. I think it would be fun to try to golf sometime – I was hitting them ok!

On the hike 🙂


The Stone House – how appropriately named!




I’m going to try to run a few miles today with Maggie at the metro park. Trail running makes it easier to slow down and listen to my body 🙂


We had Will’s family over for his mom’s birthday, and we offered vegan burgers as an option. Here’s Will’s delicious Beyond Burger with Daiya cheese and an Udi’s gluten-free bun. He actually really likes the burgers! I had one too, and I definitely recommend it. I got them at WholeFoods365 – I haven’t found them anywhere else.


Will’s sister found this cute towel on their honeymoon – I LOVE IT.


I’m getting back into essential oils, and doTERRA is the best company out there. For many reasons! I can tell you all about them 🙂 But this room has been an annoyance since I got home. It was full of painting supplies and it was an eyesore. We never used it. And to be honest, I don’t use it that much since I cleaned it up, but it makes me happy whenever I go in there. I go into the room at least five times a day, so I guess that’s not too bad! I turned this part of the room into my doTERRA area… my do-TAREA… ehhhh get i?!?


Oh my gosh I went to One of a Kind Pets… I didn’t buy him, although he was the sweetest (second to Maggie, of course)


UMMMM so I gotta tell you. I do want to have kids and get my period back and be able to eat whatever I want, whenever I want, but it’s still hard. It’s hard to gain weight. I don’t recognize my face in the mirror, and I’m sure that I don’t look that much different. Or maybe I look better, because my face isn’t all bony anymore. Regardless, it’s hard to look in the mirror or Marco Polo. It’s hard to feel pretty or good about myself. My life’s worth isn’t tied up in being pretty. Or being skinny. I told my friend today to think about our worth through God’s eyes. I’m going to look up verses for that – it’ll be the Verse of the Day! But now that I’m not teaching, I’m having a hard time figuring out what my purpose is right now.

I love working at Yoga Bliss, and I’m proud of the relaunch of the juice bar. I basically came in and mixed it all up – or at least that’s how I felt! Caroline gave me the freedom to figure it out myself, which I was happy about, but I don’t have any experience with stuff like this. I moved everything and reorganized all of the closets, bought a huge new fridge, created a new menu and recipes, ordered containers for the new menu… and honestly, it doesn’t sound like a lot of work. But it felt like a decent amount of stress! Still, I don’t feel like it has much of a purpose for me. Is that bad? Should I be able to feel purposeful working at the yoga studio, folding towels and making juice? I love talking to the clients… but what impact am I making in their lives?

And I miss teaching like NO ONE’S BUSINESS. Although I’m making it your business. Ha. When Will’s family came over, Will’s sister brought her new stepson. Somehow, we got my horn out and started playing around with it. He just started the trumpet, and he’s pretty musical, so I think he’d be a great horn player next year. I had a blast helping him find the pitches for a bit. And even though I teach private lessons, it’s just not the same as working with 50 kids in a choir. Yes, it was exhausting, and yes, there were some issues with team-teaching, and yes, I’d have to go back this year for evening and weekend rehearsals sometimes. I’m sure I would be complaining about that all the time. And I bet I wouldn’t have been able to train for a marathon as easily (even though I get to the yoga studio at 6:30 AM three days a week, but I get home around 1:30).

Will and I are sponsoring three Kenmore football players, and we used to help at their team dinners on Wednesdays. They canceled the rest of the dinners a few weeks ago, and we don’t go to the games (I didn’t realize that Will really wanted to go to the Friday night games, so I suggested that we go back to our Real Life Group on Friday evenings, which I thought we needed to do). They don’t have lights at their stadium, so every Friday is at a different stadium or they have games on Saturday afternoons, which is hard to attend with our schedules. I still make snack bags for the kids on Fridays, but I think that we expected to be more involved with our kids. And maybe that’s on us – maybe we should have gotten more involved! Reached out more, gone to the games, wormed our way into their lives.

I don’t really want to give up my evenings, because I’d like to spend time with Will. I like having my weekends somewhat free (I teach piano lessons) so we can be free to do whatever and not be tied down to a schedule. So I’m really just wallowing right now. I might contact Big Brothers Big Sisters and see how to get involved there. But I just think the biggest thing is that I miss teaching. Maybe I’ll look into jobs next year? I’m trying to find a yoga teacher training course that the Army will pay for, but that won’t make me leave for a month. That might be the best option, though – have the Army pay for it and just suck it up and go away.

Like I said earlier – sometimes it’s just good to have a place to write. And if you made it to the end of this, thanks for reading! If you have any connections to worthy causes that I can get involved in, let me know. I know there are a ton of needs, but I don’t see any that I’m like YES SIGN ME UP. Maybe I should just jump into one and go from there? False motivation is better than no motivation. Action before feelings. There are a lot of quotes like that 🙂

Verse of the Day:
– 2 Corinthians 12:10
– For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

One Reply to “Random Updates – Part 1”

  1. Hi Mandy – I am enjoying reading your blog! I hear your struggle about feeling like your life is purposeful – since leaving non profit world I struggle with some of the same issues. I will tell you that Aly is doing Big Sister and is enjoying it – if you have questions or want to know more first hand – reach out to her – she will be honest with you! Good luck finding your path – it all happens for a reason and what you should be doing will become clear over time!


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