Army Weekend! Plus Halloween Dog Party, Juice Bar Updates, and Fall Fun!

Army weekend! I love seeing my Army people. Marco Polo is an awesome app because I can keep in touch with some of them all the time! We’ve gotta get everyone on it lol. I had a great time at Frickers, a silly restaurant in Fremont that has frickin’ chicken and frickerty dips. Great conversations and it’s so good to keep getting to know people on a deeper level.

It was COLD!! We were outside all day yesterday and all morning today at the range to qualify. And it was 58 degrees in our barracks last night – brr! Thank goodness for cold-weather gear. But we got out early today and I’m looking forward to bundling up at home! Maybe hot yoga would be nice tonight?! We’ll see how much energy I have lol.

Snuggle party!


I went shooting with a friend over in Ravenna on Tuesday just to make sure I still remembered how to shoot. It was a beautiful fall day!


Last weekend, I took Maggie to the BARC dog park in the Valley for a Halloween festival. She dressed up as a marathoner, duh. She does run more than most people! We got a nice gift bag, too.




I’m loving how vibrant the juice bar at Yoga Bliss is! Stop on by for delicious juices, smoothies, chia pudding bowls, and homemade nut milks!



Will and I went to Maize Valley last weekend, too. It was packed! But we tasted some delicious wine AND I didn’t bring any food with me. I ate straight off of the menu, and I didn’t binge on wine or chocolate like I usually do. WIN! We bought two baby pumpkins, some gourds, and this sweet potato pecan butter – yum!


Firestone Park got into the fall fun:


I have a few vendor events coming up, so I’ve been making bracelets again! November 8 at Do Good Yoga – yoga, wine, and local artisans. Come on out! And November 26 at the Saratoga Hills Clubhouse, too, so hopefully I’ll see you at one of those!


More yoga fun – Tracy is an AMAZING yoga teacher, plus there will be essential oils at this class. Who doesn’t need something relaxing right before the holidays? It’s FREE! Make sure you RSVP though.


My mom sent me this beautiful rainbow picture from her library in Jackson:


And I need to remember this always!


I hope you’re all bundled up on this cold dreary day! It’s the first day that makes me realize that it’s actually supposed to be fall lol. I’ve been so spoiled since I’ve been home! I was gone all summer, so I was so lucky to have summer continue for two more months once I got here 🙂

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