February Photo Dump!

Hello hello!

FYI, I’ll post my yoga class schedule at the bottom of this post – hopefully I’ll see you at a class soon!  Go to Miranda Kibler Studios on Facebook to RSVP to classes or to get updates, cool yoga info, etc.  Here are some pictures from the end of February 🙂  ALSO – I’m substitute teaching!  OH MY GOSH I missed being in schools.  This starts my second week, and I’m teaching music at Coventry tomorrow!  Although I think the teacher left me busywork.  We’ll figure it out 🙂

Umm… pretty funny. I still love running, so I guess my brain, heart, and lungs are going to have to deal! Canton Half Marathon in April – is anyone else running it?
Thanks, Owens, for capturing my frustration with the help desk. I TOLD them I needed to talk to the second tier of support, but… 15 minutes later… I was routed to the second tier of support.
Yay Army friends! And yay Derek’s face… This was at Winking Lizard in Grandville, and there was an awesome restaurant across the street, Sweet Carrot. They had some pretty sweet gluten-free cornbread, y’all.
This is a good workout or warmup! Courtesy of PLX Fit Club.
Fannie May Chocolate Factory after SkyMax. Always a good decision!
Need these.
Woot woot, signage at Gold’s Gym for my first class there on Sunday!
Muggswigz in between teaching PLX Fit Club yoga and teaching a voice lesson. Obviously, I needed to refuel after my 15k 🙂
Love this.



Monday – 6:30 PM at Janelle’s barn (we’re calling this Blue Heron Yoga – I’ll explain later)
Tuesday – 9 AM at PLX Fit Club
Wednesday – 6:40 PM at Gold’s Gym on Waterloo
Thursday – 7:30 PM at Release Yoga (just on March 1, so come support me!)
Saturday – 10 AM at PLX Fit Club
Sunday – 8 AM at Gold’s Gym on Waterloo
Sunday – 6:30 PM at Audrey’s (we’re calling this Rooted Yoga, since it’s in Audrey’s basement!)
Addresses of the yoga studios:
Blue Heron Yoga – 12160 Hoover Ave, Uniontown, Ohio 44685
Rooted Yoga – 1842 Thornhill Dr, Akron, Ohio 44313
PLX Fit Club – 3681 Manchester Rd, Akron, Ohio 44319
Gold’s Gym – 432 E. Waterloo Rd, Akron, Ohio 44319
Release Yoga – 880 E Turkeyfoot Lake Rd, Uniontown, OH 44312
As far as pricing goes, each class is structured a little differently. Blue Heron Yoga is $10 drop-in or $40 for 6 classes. Rooted Yoga is $5 drop-in or one month for $20 (no refunds for missed classes) or $30 for 5 classes. PLX Fit Club is $5 drop-in. Gold’s Gym is for members only, or you can buy a guest pass for the day. Release Yoga is $16 drop-in or new student special, 2 weeks for $20! It just depends on who hosts the class – I let them set the price! Still, each yoga “studio” is MUCH cheaper than a normal yoga studio. Yoga Bliss is $16 drop-in, and the cheapest class pass you can buy is $130 for 10 classes! Other studios are a bit cheaper, but still. I know that price keeps a lot of people away from yoga, or otherwise they do just yoga at home. Yoga at home is AWESOME! I do tons of YouTube yoga videos. But there’s something about practicing yoga in a group – the sense of community is such a great feeling!

Verse of the Day:

Ephesians 2:10

– For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus, to do good works. which God prepared us in advance to do.

Have a great week, everyone!

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